What You SERIOUSLY Need to Know Before You Go Surfing For The First Time!

What You SERIOUSLY Need to Know Before You Go Surfing For The First Time!

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Eventually, you’re set to graduate from an amateur surfer into a daredevil equipped to conquer the high seas. Armed with your surf gear, surfboard and a bit of courage, you are ready to surf like an Olympic champ. And you’ll need to be victorious so that you subdue the jeers from your pro friends.

But perhaps you are feeling jittery right now, can’t quite imagine what would happen if all hell breaks loose and riding the gnarly waves in the world don’t go as you envision. Surfing is something many of us dabble in on holiday. Give it a whirl, after all; there is always a first time for everything!

Things you’ll need to know before you go surfing for the first time

Graduating from your quintessential water park wave pool would mean you’ll have to fight the raging waters alone. But if you hopefully completed your pre-surf preparations well, researched the right surf techniques and would like to give them a go, then you’ll have no issue surfing for the very first time.

Before then, here’s what you’ll probably need; a crash course from what you’ll meet from that first surfing expedition.

The Need-To-Knows Before You Climb On That Surfboard

There’s no other thrill equal to catching that first wave and successfully mastering that acrobatic move you so love seeing. But it isn’t easy to do it either. So, besides wearing the obvious (bikinis, bros or any other suitable surf gear), be ready for a moment of a kickass workout. But get on board knowing that it can be a bit intimidating even.

  • Executing a Perfect Ride

First, get your feet wet – don’t hop into that board straight away. But before you get those feet wet, warm up by jogging down the beach for 5-10 minutes. Some deep squats will also get the knees ready. Also, master the following:

To Gear up:

If you can’t wait to surf for the first time, definitely your gear will be the newest in town. It’s natural to get excited and psyched up, but don’t get carried away by the exorbitantly expensive board and wetsuit sold at that nearby resort. If you’re on a budget, just rent one and experience the same thrill!

Remember, beginners will need thick, wider surfboard because it’s a bit stable. Longboards are good for easier wave-catching, while short ones allow smooth maneuvering.

To Ease in:

You’re a newbie so don’t be a bit over-excited and hit the water straight away. Instead, grasp the fundamental tips before heading out for the waves.

To find Strength:

If you were lucky enough to hit the gym before surfing, count yourself ahead of the rest. Surfing smoothly requires a balance of cardio conditioning and upper body strength. So, know how to push-up, squat and balance gracefully as well as how to pop up and launch forward to catch the wave.

Timing is golden:

Just like the pop-up and launch forward, breaking waves is an art mastered with time. It is all about being smart on timing.

  • What to remember all the time
  • Respect and uphold the Surf etiquette
  • Stay safe – you should be a solid swimmer.
  • Keep cool – shark attacks are real, but they’re rare.

Finally, respect the locals since each outdoor surf spot has its “vibe.” Whether it is localized or uninviting to strangers, play cool with everyone. Be courteous, positive, respectful and unselfish!

… and don’t forget your Malo’o DryRack. The ultimate surf accessory. After a great session, hang the DryRack from the side of your vehicle or the nearest tree limb and get your suit drying so you can get back in there!



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