Ultimate Family Camping Checklist: 10 Things You'll Need

Ultimate Family Camping Checklist: 10 Things You'll Need

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Setting up your camping tent, swimming or kayaking the entire day, lighting campfires in the evening, cracking jokes at night, and later having a peaceful sleep…who else loves outdoor camping?

Camping away from home is sheer fun, whether it’s in the woods nearby or at an exotic, faraway mountain. It’s probably the only time when you’re off the internet and social media and feels great about it! It will just be you and your gang, the wilderness and tons of clever camping gear and gadgets.

But much like camping is a blissful experience, it can suck!

After you’re knee deep packing your camping gear, woe unto you if you pack little of what’s important and forget to pack the most crucial ones. And trust me, if you don’t bring all the necessities, you will hate camping and maybe you might never think of camping in the woods again.

If your next adventure trip is a camping expedition, you certainly need a comprehensive list of items to carry. Before you start the planning stage, please having this ultimate family camping checklist of the most indispensable camping gear with you!

  1. A Pack of Matches

If you’re a veteran boy scout, you might not give this much thought. However, for the rest of us, a box of matches will unlock the grandeur of camping. It will mean getting warm, smoking some meat or just watching the campfire light up the whole area at night. So, let it be the first thing to carry!

  1. A First-Aid Kit

If there will be no minor injuries – cuts and bruises, blisters, headaches, tire or burns, then it won’t be a memorable one. After unleashing the ninja spirit, the swimming or hunting rookie, or the little carefree adventurer in you, small injuries like the aforementioned are bound to happen. And if you had a kit, the adventure will continue unabated.

  1. Lantern, Flashlight or Headlamp

With a flashlight, you will be a lot safer on your camping ground at night. Whether it’s to scare away those creepy sounds, stumble to the bathroom or find a midnight snack, your lantern will be a huge convenience. But just be sure to bring along those whose light is powerful to scare away the owners of the wilderness!

  1. Pocket Knife

A Swiss Army Knife is the most popular camping essential. Just carry it – it has countless uses, and you will thank me later! 

  1. A Rope

Just like a pocket knife, a rope is an absolute must-have as a camper. It will tie a lot of knots, secure your tent, be a clothesline, tow the kayak out or fasten your assortment once the expedition comes to a close.

  1. Tarps

To protect the bottom of your sleeping bag or tent or shelter the campsite, you will need tarps. And you’ve got no reason to bring one; they’re easily foldable, light and remarkably useful.

  1. A Jar of Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a perfect choice given its long shelf life. It’s also a huge source of fat and proteins and can be smeared on bread or used to remove gum.

  1. Bottled Water

Water is an absolute necessity, and you will need plenty of them. Of course, dry packaged food are mandatory.

  1. Waterproof Backpack

You'll need a good place to keep your electronics, snacks and gear dry while walking about. A good dry bag or dry sack is necessary whether you're camping, canoeing, kayaking or just get caught in a down pour. 

  1. Map and Compass

Don’t rely on your phone’s GPS system because maybe there will be no signal in that remote camping spot. Just shop for a map and compass!

  1. Portable Drying Rack

What? Yep, you’ll be surprised how much use you’ll get out of it. The Malo’o Drying Rack is the best one out there. Its collapses and can easily stowed with your camping gear. Dry your camping gear, towels, suits, bags, all your outdoor gear. Once you get to your destination, hang it from the side of your vehicle or a tree limb. Folks have even dried fish and fruit from it!

So while planning your next camping trip, utilize this family camping checklist and you'll have the ultimate family camping adventure!



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