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Coming Together

Phil Kelly, founder and owner of Malo’o, and Chris Crawford, founder and inventor of RinseKit came together to create the Lounge Wagon. Avid adventurers and also like spending time outdoors with their families, knew that walking bare foot over razor sharp rocks – while carrying a surfboard – would be easier than hauling toys and snacks for a family beach day.

With several companies and many successful products developed between the two of them, they got to work on something new. Something that would change the way people carried stuff and how they enjoyed time once they got there.

The idea was started after trying to take beach chairs, towels, coolers, bags, sand toys, boogie boards, umbrellas, and a 5 and 1 year old to the beach. Those who have kids, know the story.

Both are avid surfers who’ve traveled the world for the perfect wave, but going to the beach with groms was a totally different story. They knew they needed to bring innovation and efficiency to this problem. A new way to haul gear and enjoy time outdoors.

A wagon that wasn’t just a wagon. It needed be durable, collapsible and easy to use. It definitely needed all-terrain wheels so it could be easily pulled through the sand or over rocks. And it needed a way to keep everything in place. A bonus if it was easy to put things in and take them out. They also wanted to seat two adults, provide them with shade, and to have places to store personal items. Hence, The Lounge Wagon was born.