The Lounge Wagon

Transport. Convert. Unwind.

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The Soccer Wagon

Transport. Convert. Unwind.

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The Ballpark Wagon

The Lounge Wagon goes where you go!

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The Football Wagon

The Lounge Wagon goes everywhere you do!

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The Fun Wagon

Our Biggest Fans!

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The Parade Wagon

Part Of The Family.

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Introducing The Lounge Wagon

The perfect blend of convenience and comfort for your outdoor adventures. Designed with a passion for enhancing your outdoor experiences, this innovative and versatile wagon is your ideal companion for trips to the beach, park, camping, or any other adventure you have in mind. With its robust construction and thoughtfully designed features, the Lounge Wagon offers an effortless way to transport your gear, relax, and make the most of your time in the great outdoors. Get ready to take your outdoor escapades to a whole new level with the Lounge Wagon by Malo'o.

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