The Top 7 Changing Ponchos or Parkas

The Top 7 Changing Ponchos or Parkas

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Malo'o Surf Parka

Changing clothes at the beach is seen as a struggle by most surfers. However, the best poncho for changing surfers' use can make that task super straightforward. Surfing, kitesurfing, and wakeboarding can be a fantastic routine to spend your afternoon. However, getting in your car all wet to go home and change just isn't an option for everyone. So when you need to change out of your wetsuit or swimming suit at the beach or pool, a poncho or parka is best.

Changing ponchos were initially designed for surfers who needed to dry off and get changed before heading off to school or work. Yes, you could just wrap a towel around yourself and accomplish the same thing, but the ponchos provide more incredible warmth and more flexibility, and some of the parkas can warm you in an instant. Changing ponchos are not just for surfers and swimmers anymore. Many triathletes also use them in their training routines.

Here are a few of the ones we have checked out:

1)Winthome Surf Changing Robe

• Best features: Oversized and loose design, Easily portable.
• Material: Microfiber
• Sizes: Available in M or XL

This is a warm and thick surf poncho from Winthome. It's made of high-quality microfiber designed to be both warm and waterproof. The hood is pretty generous in size, so it should provide some protection from wind and rain during the change. There are zippers for each arm that can be tightened or loosened to fit your preference.

Many buyers have reported this changing poncho to have ample space allowing you to change inside comfortably. Another great feature of this changing poncho is that it's made very compact and portable, making it easy to take on any trip. No matter how small your luggage maybe, you'll always have room for a surf poncho because it doesn't take up much space at all.

2) Malo'o Surf Poncho
• Best features: Very soft and oversized design
• Material: 100% 400GSM Cotton
• Sizes: Available in 1 Size Fits All

The Malo'o Surf Poncho is great for changing into or out of your wetsuits, shorts, or clothes without flashing other surfers, bystanders, and kooks in the parking area. If you love to surf, that means you're usually wet and sandy after your session. We've used multiple changing robes or towel ponchos over the years, and we found they were either too short and risked flash exposure or were like cardboard and not very comfortable.

The Malo'o Surf Poncho is incredibly soft and large. At 36" x 47" with a 14" hood and 400 GSM cotton body, it's designed to go over a wetsuit and provide you room to change. There is no need to check if you're covered while bending over or pulling your wetsuit off. The Malo'o Surf Poncho will cover you even if you are 6'6"!

3)SunCube Surf Changing Robe

• Best features: Foldable, oversized hoodie and pockets
• Material: 100% microfiber polyester
• Sizes: Available in one size fits all

SunCube is another poncho that has built its reputation on being big, warm, and versatile. Without a doubt, this one is the largest of the five best-changing ponchos for surfing. The hoodie easily fits over your head because it's large enough to cover even an oversized helmet like those worn by skiers.

One great feature of this surf parka is that it can be folded into a very compact size, making it portable enough to take anywhere. Another great advantage of this poncho is that pockets on each side store your phone, wallet, or other items that need to be kept dry.

4)Hiturbo Changing Robe

• Best features: excellent absorbent, privacy while changing
• Material: 90% polyester, 10% polyamide
• Sizes: One size fits all

A versatile changing poncho for surfing, this one features a perfect design for protecting you from the cold and rain. It is made of 90% polyester and 10% polyamide, which means it's incredibly absorbent compared to other changing ponchos on the market.

One great feature that makes this changing towel stand out from others is that it is available in ten different colors. This one would be great for beachgoers looking stylish while changing clothes inside. Available colors include black, blue, dark blue, gray, navy, pink, rose pink, Rubin-red, sky blue, and spring-green.

5)Open Road Goods Surf Robe

• Best features: Larger hood size, Special weave, Perfect fit
• Material: 100% cotton
• Color: blue

The design of the open road goods poncho is unique, making it stand out from others. This one has a more prominent hood size than most, so it will protect you from the elements while changing clothes. It is made of 100% cotton yet remains breathable and lightweight enough for you to carry around easily.

One great feature of this poncho is the material's incredibly soft and smooth feel. This is made possible through a unique weave that provides excellent wind resistance and warmth when you wear it. Another great feature of this one, in particular, is the adjustable hood to give you a perfect fit all over, as well as inside.

After you're done surfing, this perfect-fitting changing poncho will allow you to move around freely without compromising your comfort.

6)Lost & Leisure Vintage Turkish Towel

• Best features: Specially designed hood, Leisurewear, Tassels for Flair
• Material: 100% cotton Turkish towel
• Color: Black sand
• Size: Small

The Lost & leisure vintage Turkish towel cape is the only one on this list made out of a special kind of material known as Turkish towels. They are known for their incredible softness and absorbency if you've never heard of them.

This one is extra special because it has a specially designed hood that fully covers your head, neck, and face to protect you from the elements while changing clothes. For maximum fashion, this one also features tassels at the bottom that add a unique flair compared to other surf ponchos.
The best part about this poncho is that it can be used as a beach towel once you're done changing, which means you won't need to spend money on other towels for your day at the beach.

7) Malo'o SurfParka XL
• Best features: Lambswool Interior, Waterproof Exterior
• Material: 100% Polyester Lambswool & Nylon
• Sizes: 1 Size Fits All

The Malo'o SurfParka XL is a waterproof and windproof parka jacket perfect for changing at the beach, lake, mountains, or whenever a towel around the waist just doesn't cut it.

When the wetsuit, hoodies, and booties come out, freezing while changing just isn't a good idea. The Malo'o SurfParka is extra large and extended so that it can fit over a wetsuit, and you'll still have room to change. There is no need to check to see if you're covered while bending over or pulling your wetsuit off. The Malo'o SurfParka will cover you even if you are 6'8"! If the arms are a little long for you? Just roll them up!

Whether you're fishing in Montana, surfing in California, or boating in New England, the Malo'o SurfParka will keep you warm and protected from the elements.

Things to keep in mind when selecting a poncho or parka

When looking for a hooded surf poncho towel, it is crucial to consider a few aspects that make it ideal for you. Here are some of the most critical elements to consider when looking for this surfing accessory.
1. Size
To get the best use out of your poncho, you need to make sure it is big enough to cover everything and still have room to change underneath. Bigger is better.
2. Material
Ponchos can be made of various materials, including cotton, polyester, and microfiber. The best poncho towels will be high-quality cotton, 360 GSM, or better. However, these qualities typically come at a price, so it is essential to look for them when shopping around and compare different brands. For example, microfiber ponchos will be cheaper, but they will not dry you very well.
3. Comfortability
The most comfortable ponchos will be cotton, large with hood and roomy arm slits. If you'd like to wear it around the house and not just use it for changing, you have the right one.
4. Extra features
Ponchos can have full or short sleeves, and some have hoods and others with pockets. Parka needs to have 2-way zippers for changing.
5. Style
Everyone's wetsuit is black; maybe a little self-expression with your poncho or parka is good!

Why should you get one?

There are many reasons you should get one of these ponchos or parkas to use while surfing. For starters, it protects against cold and wet weather before and after your session. The hood also gives extra protection for your head, face, and neck to make sure you stay warm and comfortable.

Surf ponchos are easily stored in your surfing bag without taking up too much space. Then, when you're done, hang them on your DryRack along with your wetsuit for drying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) about Surf Ponchos

What are Surf Ponchos?
Surf ponchos are oversized, usually cotton, a poncho that slides over your head and is used by surfers and swimmers to dry off and change out of their wet gear.

Do these ponchos keep you warm?
Yes, they are designed to keep you warm in cold weather. Some keep you very warm and include hoods.

Are they waterproof?
Ponchos are typically not. Parkas usually are waterproof. If you are going to be changing in the rain or wet conditions, a Parka is best.

Are ponchos thin or thick?
They vary by brand, but most of them are thin and lightweight. The outstanding ones are thick cotton, 360 GSM, or better.

How do you wash them?
Please read the manufacturer's label. Most ponchos are machine washable, and most parkas are not.

Are they hard to fold?
No, you can fold them the same way as any other towel, and they should not be hard to do so.

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