The RV Hanging Problem Solved!

The RV Hanging Problem Solved!

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Drying Rack needed here

How many times have you tried to figure out where to hang something temporarily around the RV? Maybe it is wet clothes, or shoes to dry, or added help in your changing area. Maybe you need another set of hands to hold something you're working on…no matter what your case is, the Malo’o Rack is a great solution. We’ll share a few ways that you can use it.

Drying Rack in RV

1) Drying – The Malo’o DryRack was initially designed for this. It has 2 drying bars and collapses so you can store it anywhere. You can use it inside or out and with the Malo’o suction cup for mounting, you can mount it inside the shower, or hang it from the ceiling or attach it outside. You can literally place it anywhere outside the RV so you can shield it from your neighbor’s view. You can dry wetsuits, towels, suits, shirts, booties, hats, gloves, balaclava, shorts, socks, pants, waders, shows, jackets, underwear and just about everything else.

Life Jackets on Rack
2) Holding – The Malo’o Rack can act as tool for all your adventure gear. It great for hanging your surfing, SUP, diving, windsurfing, snowboarding, skiing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, hunting, climbing, camping, boating and travel gear. Whether you are getting ready to go or just came back, you can mount the Malo’o Rack anywhere on your vehicle or open it fully and hang from trees, poles, and more. You don’t have to store your gear in a bag or pile them up, hang them and allow them to breathe.

BBQ Rack
3) Buddy Duty – Being an RVer means you typically have a bunch of RV accessories that help you accomplish specific tasks. But, how many times did you wish you had a buddy with you to hold or help with something? If you like me, probably quite a few. Whether it’s finding places to hold the BBQ utensils, or holding tools while I am fixing something, the ground usually ends up replacing a buddy. But no more. The Malo’o Fish & Game Rack comes with a tray and clips that hold many things. It can be your BBQ buddy, your fix-it buddy, your TV snack buddy and more. Just mount the rack with suction cup where you need it and utilize the tray and clips for whatever you need.

Snowboard Rack
4) Staging - As you’re getting ready for your adventure, use your Malo’o Rack as your staging center. Hold your poles, guns, snowboards, glasses and more with the Malo’o Clips and Tray. You can even use in unison with your Thule or Yakima racks. They will hold the big stuff and Malo’o will hold the rest.

Rinse & Dry
5) Rinse & Dry – Malo’o and Rinse Kit make a perfect couple. Maybe you’ll ask why you would need this is you have a shower in your RV? Because sometimes you're just too dirty to go inside. Or, if you’re like us, we end up washing off the dogs at least twice a day. Can you image taking them inside to the shower every time? Or maybe you just don’t want to let Uncle Jim inside. Whatever your case, an outside portable shower is very handy and the Malo’o Rack, Clips and Tray maybe an excellent shower buddy. It will hold your towel, shampoo and soap and dry your towel when done.

Wet Bar Rack
6) Wet Bar – What? How can a rack become a wet bar? Place your beers in the large Malo’o clips, snacks in the tray, garnishes and ice in red plastic cups and you’ve got a bar! Add a Yeti for everything else and you’re set. Major bonus feature…unlike a stationary bar, if the sun is now hitting it or you want to change locations around your RV, no issue. Your Malo’o Wet Bar goes where you go.

These are just a few of the ways the Malo’o Rack is solving the RV hanging problem. People are coming up with new ways to use them every day. What will be your way?

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