Which Type of Camper Are You!

Which Type of Camper Are You!

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What is camping? It's an overnight stay in a more natural environment, and usually accompanied by a pursuit of outdoor activities. Even then, there are many types of camping, such as dry camping, backpacking, glamping, survivalist camping, and winter camping.

Before you decide to go camping, you need to know what kind of camper you are. It will determine the whole preparation you need to do, such as which camping type is the most suitable for you, the most suitable campsite, and the appropriate equipment you need to bring with you. Generally, camping is done on publicly owned natural resources, for example, National and State parks, wilderness areas, and commercial campgrounds. Let's explore the types of camping: 

  1. Dry Camping

Dry camping is associated with RV or off-road camping. Also known as boondocking, dry camping isn't usually done at a campground. It allows road trippers to camp on public lands for free. The most important thing to have for dry camping is an RV. However, what should your RV be equipped with?

First, choose your RV wisely. Depending on your need, either small or large RV has their respective advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is to make sure that all the systems of the RV are working, batteries are charged, and freshwater tanks are full.

While dry camping, water will be really precious. You need to be really careful on the water usage. Being conservative with fresh water will let you stay out longer and slow down your grey tank’s fill-up rate.

  1. Backpacking

For some people, backpacking is a form of low-cost traveling. Backpacking is a combination of camping and hiking. The essential for backpacking will generally be the same with normal camping, such as a tent, rainwear, backpack, and sleeping bag. And since backpacking will be very limited to a single backpack, pack your essentials efficiently. 

  1. Glamping

Glamping is an abbreviation for ‘Glamorous Camping’. Combining camping and amenities and luxury, this outdoor activity becomes very popular with the rich and famous. Want to enjoy the wilderness but don't want to sacrifice your comfort? Then glamping is your answer. 

  1. Survivalist Camping

Survivalist Camping is typically done with the minimum of equipment. It's about living off the land and utilizing nature to provide for your needs. Check out "Naked and Afraid" TV show, you'll see survivalist camping at it's extreme!

So, with that said, which camping will you go to?

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