The Christmas Gift Guide 2018 – For Campers & RVers In Your Life.

The Christmas Gift Guide 2018 – For Campers & RVers In Your Life.

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The holiday season is coming up, and we’ve got some great gift ideas for the RVer or Camper in your life.

Christmas is an awesome holiday and a very meaningful time of year. It’s all about family, connecting and appreciating those close to us.

RVing and Camping are amazing adventure. Whether they love experiencing nature in a tent, or under the stars or glamping in their 40’ travel trailer, it’s a chance to experience life outside of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Some of our selections are sure to put a smile on their face this season:

1) ANKER Power House $499.95 – An amazing power source to take on your adventure. Charge it up before you go and you can power laptops, cell phones, life and even a mini fridge. It’s a little pricy, but when you need it, you need it.

2) Coleman Propane Stove $118.99 – It brings the power of a kitchen to the great outdoors. Three burners, which deliver consistent heat across the entire cooking area. With a uniform heat surface, you can just as easily cook in two 12-in. pans or three 8-in. pans simultaneously for almost unlimited meal options.

3) Garmin GPS Navigator System - $ 79.95 the Garmin Drive 6.0-inch GPS navigator features helpful driver alerts and detailed maps of the lower 49 U.S. states with free lifetime map updates. Easily navigate with spoken directions that guide like a friend and get data from TripAdvisor that helps you find popular stops along the way.

4) WIFI Camp Pro Repeater $159.99 – Boosts the signal from WIFI to your campsite, trailer or boat.

5) Swift Hitch Portable Camera $144.22 – Perfect for hauling that rented trailer or camper. Just place the camera on the back of your vehicle and with the handheld monitor, you can watch what’s happening. Great backup tool.

OK, we’ll give some more affordable ideas now:

6) Farberware Classic Coffee Pot - $22.49 – Just like John Wayne used in the old west.

7) Malo’o DryRack $39.99 – It’s brand-new this year and hangs over the side mirror of most cars, trucks, vans and RVs. Designed to dry clothes, towels or hold gear and more. Its portable and collapsible and available in black or white.

8) Portable Camping Chair $25.00 – Collapsible, comfortable and it has a cooler built into the armrest holds up to 4 cans and provides easy access to a cold drink once the one in your mesh cup holder is empty

9) 35L DryPack Waterproof Backpack $49.99 - The DryPack is 100% waterproof dry bag backpack. It’s an excellent choice for surfing or extreme wet conditions, this backpack is built to withstand. It will keep everything inside dry, or it can keep the wet inside. The DryPack features 500D PVC construction with welded seams and ergonomically designed padded back panels which provides exceptional comfort and support

10) Gerber Multi-Plier Tool $19.97 – you’ve got a knife, pliers, wire cutter, saw blade, screwdriver, can and bottle opener, scissors and more.

11) Fish & Game Rack $59.99 - Hold your rods/guns upright against the rack. No more "falling over". It's like another set of hands! Place the clips upright on the rack and now you've got a place to hold your rods while you tie flies or many other adjustments. You can place your Lures, Sinkers, Hooks, Bobbers, Flies and more in the try for easy handling.

12) Smartphone Projector $49.99 - It can be connected to iPhone, Android Smartphones, Tablet, Laptop, MacBook, etc. Have movie night under the stars.

Ok, there you go. Twelve Christmas gift ideas that will put a smile on your special RVer or Camper!

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