The Best Surfboard Racks

The Best Surfboard Racks

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Surfboard RacksWhen it comes down to it, owning multiple surfboards means having a good place to store and transport them. Luckily, there are many great solutions out there! These board shape racks have you covered in all aspects; size, function, and style. Surfboard shape can vary quite a bit depending on what kind of surfing you like to do. Some people prefer shorter and thicker wave-shaped surfboards, while others love longer, thinner fins for more maneuverable rides. What is universal, however, is that we all need a way to keep our favorite waves safe and protected. Given how expensive a surfboard can be, protecting your board from damage or theft is important. Fortunately, these board rack systems offer some incredible features designed to prevent this from happening. Many even include cool gadgets and technology to make storing and accessing your surfboard easier. It is totally okay to spend money on safety for your board, and these board shelves and wall mounts are very cost-effective. They oftentimes are made of solid steel or sturdy plastic, so they will last for years to come.

Surfboard Roof Rack

Metal surfboard racks

As mentioned earlier, plastic board storage is not the best way to organize your collection. These universal board rack systems typically consist of short metal tubes that can be connected together in various ways.
The most popular style is called ball bearing rails or “ballistic” railed boards. This design features long, slender tube sections with rolling balls attached at each intersection. Boards fit into these tubes length-wise and roll around easily due to the bearings.
These types of board racks are great because you can easily add more space as your collection grows. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive! However, note that these rolls may become loose over time.
Another common type of rail system is ladder racks. Similar to ballistic rollerboards, these have horizontal bars that connect quickly and efficiently. Space between the rows allow for air flow and drying.
Both types of board rack can help reduce scratching and dings by keeping them safe.

Surfboard Wall Rack

Wooden surfboard storage boxes

When it comes to storing your board, you want to make sure it is in good condition when you take it out again. There are several different types of wooden surfboard racks that can be just as effective as more expensive ones!
Many people use these plastic or wood surfboard holders called crate tables or surfboard bins. These work fine, but they cannot hold much weight so if you need to transport a lot of gear, then do not use them.
Surfboard crates are an excellent alternative because they can handle up to about 250 pounds per shelf, depending on how high you put the shelves. This gives you plenty of room for bigger boards while also protecting the shape of the board.
There are three main reasons why most people prefer using wooden surfboard storage cabinets over plastic ones. First, many feel that wood is a better material than plastic. Second, some like the look and quality of the wood better. Third, some believe that the natural moisture of the wood helps keep their board in top form.

Surfboard Bike Rack

Metal surfboard storage boxes

First, you want to make sure your board is safe! Obviously, if it has been damaged or destroyed, then these are good next steps, but for newer boards that are in top condition, there are plenty of sturdy plastic or metal racks available at most major retailers and online stores.
The best way to store your board depends on how much equipment you have hanging off of it. If you only have one small bag or pack, keep the handle up and use the feet as supports to hold it away from the wall.
For more bags and packs, lower the handles and place the foot under the pack so it can hang freely. This will allow for better air circulation and dryer stays of all items inside.
Surfboard rakes come in very handy too. This help separates and organize different types of waves (for example, long, short, barrel, etc.). Some even have built-in holders to fit other beach gear like towels or snorkel gear.

Surfboard wall rack

Commercial surfboard racks

Most people don’t own a commercial-grade rack, but they should! Almost every board store in the world has one, and it is never too early to start investing in one.
Surfboard racking comes in many different styles and prices, but none of them are better than the other. They all do their job effectively and can be customized to fit your needs.
The best type of surfboard storage for you will depend on how much equipment you have, how often you need to access your boards, what size board you have, and how organized you want to get. We will go over some types of racks here so that you can choose which ones are right for you!
I will also talk about some brands that are really well-known and trustworthy when it comes to quality surfboard gear. These products will not disappoint you at all!
At the end of this article, I will link my favorite racks. If you look through our reviews, you will see that they are very good and reliable.

Surfboard and wetsuit racks

Commercial surfboard storage boxes

When looking for the best surfboard racks, make sure you are buying them for use outside. Most good board storage units have sturdy plastic or wood cases to protect your boards from damage due to exposure to moisture or rain.
Some even include foam mats to keep the surface of their case dry. These cases are much more expensive than ones that contain space for trays. However, they will last longer since they are not exposed to water.
If you do decide to go this route, look for cases with heavy-duty material so it can handle being left outdoors all year round.

SUP wall rack

DIY surfboard racks

If you are looking to organize your board collection, or even start collecting boards then creating your own board rack is one of the best ways to go about it. There are many different styles of board storage that can be adapted to any space and style you have.
Most people begin by buying some inexpensive plastic drawer units at a home improvement store and building their own wall-mount board shelf using dry-docked floorboards and/or old doors. These types of racks seem to work well for most people until they run into problems.
The main problem comes when trying to access every board in the collection easily. Most drawers only have room for one additional board, so if two people have a similar size board, then only one person gets full access to it.
Also, if someone wants to take off their board then there is no place to put it due to the limited space in the closet. With no good way to keep track of their board, then they will lose it, which could cost them money in lessons or rewards points towards a new board!
There are also times when people just need more open space in their board collection. A lot of time, these individuals have to travel or spend lots of time outside surfing, so having extra room to store their board is important. Unfortunately, most board closets do not offer enough space.
Surfboard cases are another type of board storage solution that cannot be overlooked.

racks for surfboard and SUP

DIY surfboard storage boxes

One of the best ways to organize your board is by using an easy-to-make storage box. There are many different styles, but all work similarly in keeping your board protected from dust, water, and other debris that could damage it.
Many people use simple plastic or cardboard containers to store their boards. However, these can be expensive if you buy them brand new, and they don’t always provide enough space to properly fold down the nose and tail pieces.
Surfboard racking systems are much more cost-effective and feature foam padding to protect the shape of your board. These racks also usually have built-in handles for carrying the board around easily.
There are several brands that make great rack system coverings. They are typically made out of aluminum or wood and fit over most common-size surfboards.

roof racks surfboard

Tips for surfboard storage

When you store your board, make sure it is level! Setting it up with its nose in the air or setting it back down with a tail end that sticks out can cause damage to the surface of the board or breakage due to weight imbalance.
If storing it indoors, consider using plastic bag holders or putting it under a table where it will not hit anything or get stuck. Make sure to cover it well, so water does not seep in and wet the board.
Avoid placing it in the sun or by a window that the sun beats through. This could potentially ruin the shape of the board or even hurt it structurally!
Once stored, put off packing away your other belongings until later because they would take up space otherwise while keeping your surfboard safe and sound.

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