The Best Beach Accessories for 2021

The Best Beach Accessories for 2021

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With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start gearing up for long days at the beach. Whether you own a beach home, live near a beach-town, or are planning a beach vacation, nothing makes getting to the beach more convenient than the proper gear. We all know that the comfort of a good lounge chair or an efficient cooler will make those long, hot beach days all the more comfortable. But, without buying high-quality beach equipment, you run the risk of it giving out before the end of the season.

We’ve all purchased beach gear at the big-name stores or beachfront surf shops. And we all know that sometimes we don’t even get a whole season out of the poorly-made gear. By investing in strong, high-quality equipment, you can be sure your beach gear will last for many summers. Malo’o specializes in outdoor gear that will stay dry, even under the wettest of circumstances. Take a look at the top 8 beach accessories that you’ve got to have for the 2021 beach season.

Lounge Wagon

The Lounge Wagon
Malo’o’s 3-in-1 Lounge Wagon is a must-have item for this year’s beach season. The hottest wagon on the market, the Lounge Wagon is multi-functional. Not only does it perform as a wagon for hauling all of your other gear, but it also converts to a beach chair and umbrella. Resultantly, this dynamic wagon reduces the amount of gear you have to pack. Moreover, the Lounge Wagon is equipped with oversized sport wheels so that movement over the sand is effortless. If you’ve ever used other wagons, you know how difficult it can be to move them on the beach. The Lounge Wagon’s wheels make movement easy and effortless.

Furthermore, after it’s hauled your beach toys and boogie boards, the Lounge Wagon easily converts to an oversized beach chair for two with a 500-pound weight capacity. What’s more is that it comes with a double-wide umbrella, lots of pockets for additional storage, and a netting system to hold everything in place. As if all of these wonderful features aren’t enough, the Lounge Wagon easily collapses flat and can be transported in standard-size trunks. The Malo’o wagon is the upgrade your beach gear needs.

Malo'o DryRack

The Malo’o DryRack
Malo’o’s innovative DryRack is the beach gadget you never knew you needed. Made to affix to any vehicle, the DryRack is a perfect accessory for your next beach trip. Easily affix the DryRack to your car, SUV, camper, or even boat and start hanging your wet items to dry. Nobody likes packing wet and sandy towels or wetsuits in the car. They make a mess of your vehicle and will smell mildewy after a time. By allowing these items to neatly hang dry, you can avoid big, smelly messes.

Once mounted to your vehicle, the DryRack expands to two drying bars that can sustain up to 20 pounds of weight. Efficiently, the rack is equipped with padded bars and hinges to eliminate the potential for scratching your vehicle. The DryRack is lightweight and portable; it also easily folds flat for convenient storability. Sleekly designed and available in black or white, the DryRack is an inventive and effective way to hang all your wet beach gear at the end of a long day in the surf. Add Malo’o’s DryRack to your list of must-have equipment for this year’s beach season.
Malo'o Waterproof Backpack

Malo’o DryPack Backpack
The DryPack Backpack is another amazing beach device you’ve just got to try this summer! This backpack is the perfect bag for all of your water sports this summer. Whether you’re surfing, kayaking, skim-boarding, or body surfing, the DryPack Backpack will keep all of your belongings dry. Your snacks, electronics, money, towel, dry clothing, and so on will all remain perfectly dry in this amazing backpack. It’s crafted of commercial-grade PVC for optimal durability. Its lightweight construction, padded back panel, and reinforced shoulder straps make the DryPack supremely comfortable to carry as well.

Furthermore, the DryPack can withstand 30 liters of gear in a stylishly designed backpack making it the perfect bag for your next beach excursion. One of our favorite design features of this backpack is its large front window to allow you to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for. The DryPack is also equipped with two mesh side pockets that are great for stowing flasks and other easily accessible essentials. Ditch your beach-themed bags and get your hands on the Malo’o DryPack for ultimate utility and durability.
Backpack cooler

Malo’o Backpack Cooler
Similar to Malo’o’s DryPack, the Backpack Cooler is the ultimate beach chiller. With an excellent capacity of up to 30 liters, it can accommodate all of your cold snacks, sandwiches, and beverages with room to spare for ice. It can fit up to 24 cans or 18 bottles plus ice and still be worn comfortably. Additionally, it has a front storage compartment for electronics, keys, wallet, etc, and two mesh side pockets for even more storage. This bag has the capacity for all your cooling needs plus some. This item is for sure a necessity for the 2021 beach season.

Malo’o WaterParka
Although a parka may not be the first thing that comes to mind in terms of beach gear, this water parka is a must-have! The parka provides an easy and private way to change out of swimsuits and wetsuits while staying warm and dry. The Water Park is not only waterproof, but it’s windproof too. Besides using it as a convenient way to quickly change, it’s also a great jacket to use for fishing and boating. Its wool lining will keep you warm while the waterproof exterior will keep you dry. The fit is loose and long and will keep you completely covered as you undress. An insider secret is that it’s acceptable to drive home in nothing but your parka. You'll be warm and modestly covered, while the seats to your vehicle remain dry. We highly recommend the WaterpPrka for all of your watersports and beach activities this summer.
Malo'o Surf Poncho

Malo’o Surf Poncho
Similar to the WaterParka, the Surf Poncho is a great garment for easily changing out of wet swimsuits and wetsuits in public. If you are a surf lover like us, you know that your beach days all end in the same way: damp, sandy suits and wet car seats. It's acceptable to change your children into dry clothes on the beach, but it's a little more cumbersome for adults to have to publicly change into dry clothes. With a surf poncho, simply slip into the soft, oversized, and absorbent poncho and easily change without risk of exposure. The oversized and extra-long design of the Surf Poncho ensures your ultimate privacy. The reviews speak for themselves. The Surf Poncho is a dynamite addition to this year’s beach gear!

Malo'o Rinsekit

Rinse Kit Plus Portable Shower
If like us, you plan on wasting away on the beach this summer, the Rinse Kit Plus Portable Shower is an excellent way to clean off before hitting the road again. With this device, you can easily clean excess sand, salt, and wax off of your body before getting in your car and potentially staining your seats. Simply connect to a water hose or spigot and you will be showering with just as much water pressure as if you were taking a shower in your home. The portable shower does not require electricity or batteries, so it can be used anywhere with a water source. This rinse kit is an excellent way to clean up before hopping in your car or traipsing through your house full of sand and dirt.
Malo'o Waterproof seat Covers

Malo'o SeatGuard Waterproof Car Seat Covers
These exceptional Neoprene car seat covers will protect your car from all of the moisture, salt, and wax you bring back from a day of beach and surf. They are oversized and will protect any car seat from any bum. These car seat covers easily slip over the headrest of your car and tuck into the sides of your seat for a simple and uncomplicated installation. Although we highly recommend these for use after the beach, they are versatile and can protect your cars from all sorts of moisture, dirt, pet fur, etc. Furthermore, they’re lightweight and comfortable to sit on and they dry quickly after use. If you plan to spend a lot of time at the beach this summer, you’ve got to be ready with these Malo’o seat covers.

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